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Personalized Name Gifts Printed

Print your name onto a wide range of bespoke gifts and create an utterly stylish personal accessory. From the arrival of a new baby to a special sweet sixteen birthday, personalized name gifts are a cool and contemporary way to celebrate special moments.

Personalized Name Gifts for Couples 

Cliché but cute, custom name gifts for a couple is a timeless, classic option that always delivers a super chic result. Design a pair of matching gifts for newly engaged love birds, such as bath towels, pillowcases or slippers. This thoughtful touch is sure to put a smile on their already smitten faces.

Other gifts you can personalize with names for couples include monogram mugs. Print 2 mugs with the couple's initials, and because they're on offer for 3 for 2, you can throw in your own initial as a funny 'third wheel' joke. Sometimes, less is more, after all.

Print Anything from Your Initials to Nicknames

A fun idea for friendship groups is to print your charming – or embarrassing - nicknames onto personalized name gifts. The phone cases are a great idea for social media lovers or selfie queens; you can print each name with a different color and make sure your clique is matchy-matchy and on trend wherever you go.

For something suave and sophisticated to give to the Groom and his Best Man, design a hipflask or lighter printed with their initials. A gift like this is personalized without being over the top, making it a sentimental token from the big day that can be used time and time again. What's more, the brushed metal effect gives both these gifts more character.

Contemporary Name Gifts for the Modern Man

Personalized name gifts are the ideal choice for smart, modern men who want something simple, yet elegant and distinguished. Choose a contemporary font and design a real Italian Nappa leather wallet, with a choice of 2 internal layouts. For those who like a nightcap, the personalized bar runner is an original idea that's sure to make a lasting impression at parties and social occasions.

Cute Personalized Name Gifts for Little Ones

When you welcome a new arrival into the world, don't just settle for generic gifts anybody can buy. Design special personalized name gifts printed with the baby's name for that extra thoughtful touch. The baby sleeping bag and blanket can be combined to make a stunning gift set that can be treasured forever, even once outgrown.

As children grow and begin to develop strong little personalities, a great way for them to express their newfound identities is with custom name gifts. From school journals to fun playtime t-shirts, you can let your child revel in the joy that comes from being truly individual and free to be entirely themselves.

Permanent Print to Last a Lifetime

Unlike engraved name gifts, your custom name gifts will last a lifetime. We use a special process that guarantees a permanent print that won't fade, peel away or scratch off. Whether it's leather, shatterproof plastic or wonderfully soft fabric, your name stands out in full, high definition color thanks to our expert printing methods.