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Custom Boxer Shorts with Face

Reviews of Custom boxer briefs

Custom Boxer Shorts with Face

Personalized Boxer Briefs for Men

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Design your very own pair of custom boxers with Bags of Love. Make your personalized boxer shorts using our simple online design system. These c...

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    Everything made to order

Custom Photo Boxers Features

  • High-quality custom boxer shorts
  • All-over print
  • Made from Jersey material
  • XS, M, L, XL, to 4XXL plus size boxers
  • Made to order custom briefs with printable elastic waist
  • 2-year guarantee on print, material and stitching finish

Custom boxers short with face are a great photo gift item for any occasion - Valentine's Day, Christmas, or your next date night.

With our simple online design system, you can now create your boxer shorts to have different images, on the front and on the back, with words around the waist. Let your creativity shine through, and design your own boxers today. Personalized boxers short online that you can design right here in minutes. Cut from super-soft Lifestyle Recycled Poly Jersey fabric and sewn to order here in our specialist facility, your custom boxers brief are entirely handmade to order.
  • Customize five areas of your printed boxers
  • Design right and left legs separately
  • Choose gusset design for the front
  • Front and back waistbands can differ
  • Available in eight sizes (XS to 4XL)
  • Made from Lifestyle Recycled Poly Jersey 4.72oz
  • Two-year guarantee on print, material & stitching
  • Create boxers with faces on them or add your own text
  • Made to order 

Care instructions

Wash at 86°F, low tumble dry heat, hang to dry, do not wring, low heat iron.

  • Wash At 86°F
  • Wash at 85°F
  • Tumble 1
  • Low Heat

Funny Boxer Briefs For Fun Times With Custom Boxers For Men

If you are looking to make an impact or fun gift, these custom briefs for men hit the spot. Create funny custom men's boxers here using photos, words, or his face! Funny custom boxer shorts make a good laugh louder still. Try our design system out to create your funny boxers for men. You will have great fun designing them and won't be able to wait for the surprise to be sprung.

A Modern Cut for the Modern Man

Create personalized men’s boxers to surprise your giftee, whatever the occasion. Want to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day? Or are you looking for the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for the special man in your life? Look no further than our Personalized Boxers for men. These comfy and stylish custom made boxer shorts are handcrafted in-house and sent straight to your door. Give your favorite guy a gorgeous pair of boxers with faces on them, lovingly designed by you this Christmas or birthday. Don't be afraid to be a little saucy...they are just for his eyes, well, and yours. Have fun designing a pair of custom printed boxer shorts for him for a birthday or for the festive season.

We Cut And Sew Your Custom Shorts

We have designed a classic boxer brief shape that is both form-fitting and supportive. These personalized boxers with faces are also a standard medium fit. This provides the best comfort and feel when you’re on the move. We print, then cut and sew the custom boxer shorts from 3 pieces of stretch jersey. The front gusset has a lining for extra support. Even print the elastic waistband for your Custom Shorts, perfect for a flirty message or your brand name or logo. Please check your size against our size chart below.

Design information: Please take notice of the bleed area in the middle of the back waistband. Any design placed in this area of your custom face boxers will not be printed, so this is especially important when printing text. 

Express Yourself: Your Style, Your Way

Say goodbye to boring underwear and hello to a whole new level of self-expression. With custom face boxers, you have the power to showcase your personality, celebrate your relationships, and inject humor into your everyday life. Step into a world where fashion meets fun and create a pair of custom boxers with a face today!

Don't miss out on the chance to turn heads, spark conversations, and make a lasting impression with your very own custom face boxers. Start designing now and embark on a fashionable journey that's uniquely yours!

Mix and Match with Confidence

Worried about coordinating your custom face boxers shorts with the rest of your wardrobe? Fear not! Our picture boxers come in versatile designs that seamlessly integrate with your clothing collection. Whether you're wearing a casual t-shirt or getting suited up for a special event, your custom boxers with a face on them will add a touch of humor and personal flair to your outfit.

Conversation Starters

Picture boxers aren't just an article of clothing; they're conversation starters that can break the ice and put a smile on anyone's face. Whether you're at a party, hitting the gym, or just hanging out with friends, these photo boxers will have everyone talking. Get ready for compliments, laughs, and curious inquiries about where you got your fantastic, customized boxers.

Shared Laughter and Memories

Custom boxers with a face on them have the power to evoke laughter and create shared memories. Wear them to a bachelor party, a family gathering, or a casual hangout with friends, and watch as the room lights up with smiles and conversations. These personalized men's boxers become a catalyst for shared moments that strengthen friendships and relationships.

Measure Yourself To Find The Right Size Mens
WaistXS: 71 - 76 cm
28 - 30 "
S: 76 - 81 cm
30 - 32 "
M: 81 - 86 cm
32 - 34 "
L: 86 - 91 cm
34 - 36 "
XL: 91 - 96 cm
36 - 38 "
2XL: 96 - 104 cm
38 - 41 "
3XL: 104 - 112 cm
41 - 44 "
4XL: 112 - 120 cm
44 - 47 "
  • Waist Measure around your natural waistline - which is the soft squidgy part just under your ribs.

Professionally printed boxers

Your photo boxers are expertly printed by our technicians onto the jersey fabric. This is done using a modern digital printing technique that bonds the eco-friendly ink to the fibers of the fabric to ensure a long-lasting print.

Our craftspeople will then cut all of the panels to shape and size using the printed material. Doing it this way ensures that there are no white edges left around the seams of your personalized boxer shorts. 

Our in-house sewers then stitch together each panel to complete your custom boxer shorts. These are then checked at our quality control station before being shipped out to you.

The perfect photo gift

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your man, then look no further than our personalized boxer shorts. These comfy and stylish printed boxer shorts have been handcrafted by us at Bags of Love. Everything is managed in-house, from the printing and cutting to the sewing, before they are sent to your door. With unique custom boxers with pictures, your partner will feel especially loved.

Give your favorite guy a gorgeous pair of personalized boxers with faces on them, lovingly designed by you this Christmas. Don't be afraid to be a little flirty...they are just for his eyes, well, and yours. Have fun designing a pair of custom printed boxer shorts for him this festive season. You could include a secret message,  perhaps an inside joke or sweet note. You could even print his name on the custom face boxers as the perfect finishing touch.

These custom boxer shorts aren't just for men - ladies can enjoy them too. Boxers are great for sleeping in or to wear as a layer under skirts and dresses. Personalize a matching set of custom face boxers for you and your beau.

Want to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day? Create personalized boxers with faces to win a smile (and laugh) from your favorite person. You could create a funny repeat pattern and present the finished piece in a satin bag or silver tin, ready for gifting. Whatever they give in return won’t come close to your high-quality and uniquely printed boxers.

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