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Print Your Own Fabric

Our print your own fabric service is perfect for craft projects, clothing designers & even fashion students. Discover how to design your custom fabric & bring your very own creations to life with 109 choices.

How to Design Your Own Fabric 

We can print on 109 fabrics to make your creative projects a reality. Our digital fabric printing process is a specialist one that bonds the ink with the material, creating deep, rich prints that won't peel away or scratch off. When you make your custom fabric with us at Bags of Love, you can rest assured they'll last a lifetime. Our collection includes a wide range of fabric families that hold special properties, such as fire retardant and waterproof, so we're confident you'll find the perfect material to work with.

There's no minimum order so you can buy the right amount of fabric you need for the job. To understand the print quality, texture and malleability, order our test swatch pack for a sample of each fabric.