Custom Cushions

Plump, soft and stylish, our 'make your own cushions' add a touch of personality to your rooms. Print your own cushion covers & pillows for a unique accessory.

How to Make Your Own Custom Printed Cushions

You can customize your cushions online with any photo, pattern, slogan or graphic design to get the ideal furnishings for your home. Make your own cushions using our online designing tool, where you can upload and edit photos or use our extensive image library for icons, shapes and extra details. Create a gorgeous photo montage, a unique way to display memories from a favorite holiday or special event.

We have a variety of cushion options that come with luxury duck feather padding, including throw cushion sets, floor cushions or, if you've already got the actual cushion, simply print your own cushion cover. Whether it's for you or a loved one, personalized cushions perfectly capture the essence of elegant decor.