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Add to your personal style by designing your own custom tie, or design a tie as a gift. Be original and create custom ties printed with your images, text, motif, logo or art.  Our ties make great gifts for Dads, co-workers, or significant others. Design your tie online with photo, text or logo, now with a 5 year guarantee. We print the entire length of the tie and both sides too.

  • Ready in 1 - 2 day(s)

  • US delivery $7.25

  • Everything made to order

Design your own Personalized Tie

  • Personalized ties printed front and back
  • Printed ties, no minimum
  • Smooth satin with slight sheen & rich print quality 
  • Skinny tie - 2.3in width, 55.3in length (5.8cm w x 140.5cm l) , Wide - 3.5in width, 55.3in length (8.9cm w x 140.5cm l)
  • 5 year guarantee on print, material and stitching finish 

You can design your own tie online using your ideas in our creative tie design system.

Choose from limitless background colors, endless choice of words or a combination with images logo or other graphics. Bear in mind the long thin shape before you design your tie. Whilst this is not ideal for all photos, it does work well for a collage of photos to create a collage tie and for long tall subjects. You can try out a collage tie design, including our free collage maker in our design system. If you want an original idea for a friends new marriage, then custom ties for weddings can add an unusual flare.
  • Choice of two tie styles
  • Skinny tie - 2.3in width, 55.3in length (5.8cm w x 140.5cm l) 
  • Classic tie - 3.5in width, 55.3in length (8.9cm w x 140.5cm l)
  • Made from smooth satin
  • Slight sheen to face
  • Print with your photos
  • Five year guarantee
  • Handmade
  • Made to order

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Design A Unique Tie For Fun or Work

Our online design system makes it so incredibly easy to create a personalized tie that is one-of-a-kind. You can upload your own images and designs and add them to a limitless selection of background colors, endless choice of words or a combination with images, logos or other graphics. It is important to remember the shape of the tie when designing your personalized tie. Because of its long and thin shape, not all pictures work well with this product. However, collages work perfectly for our ties.

One off Custom Neckties

We have no minimum order size for our ties. You may order 1 or more, however many you need, although for Father's day you will only need one fathers day tie so no minimum order is ideal for you. Just create a tie design in our preview and you will see it in a day or two.

Printed Personalized Ties or Neckties 

Make your own tie with a personal touch and give as a gift to someone special. Enjoy a creative experience with us and make personalized ties for a special event for that added touch of magic. This is a great personal gift for man, husband or father. Men need ties. These neckties are made with excellent print techniques.

Make Club Ties Event Ties and Corporate Ties 

The great thing about this promotional ties service is they can be used for all sorts of things. So if you need a bespoke club tie, or one off event ties then our on-demand service is perfect for you. You can make country flag customized ties or witty wordy ties, keep calm or just personal photo ties. Promotional company ties are popular too so try and design unique ties online. It's easy and fun.


Skinny tie - 2.3in width, 55.3in length (5.8cm w x 140.5cm l), Wide tie - 3.5in width, 55.3in length (8.9cm W x 140.5cm L). Measurements are at widest and longest points of the tie. Our tie does not have a keeper loop, it is un-tipped (or self-tipping).

A Sign of a Well Made Tie

You might notice that on the blade of our Custom Ties is a little loop, which is made out of a strong thread. Don't worry, this isn't a sewing error, it is actually there to help you preserve the shape of your handmade tie. Once you have taken your tie off, or after having it dry cleaned, you can pull the loop, which allows the tie to ruche and relax back into place. This is known as a recovery loop and it runs down the length of your personalized tie. What a neat little trick! 

Care: This tie is made from high quality smooth satin and has a slight sheen, permanent print both sides. Keep flat. Dry clean only. Do not put in washing machine. Iron safe. 

Guarantee: 5 year guarantee on print, material and stitching finish.

Important information: During the heat press process, the fabric shrinks slightly resulting in a thin white line running along the seam lines at the back and on the edges of the fabric (See photo 8 above). We cannot guarantee 100% accuracy due to the way textile stretches and moves in the printing process, but this will not show on the front of the tie and will not affect the overall quality of the product.

Reviews of Custom Ties

Rated 5.0/5 based on 63 customer reviews star star star star star Custom Ties

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