Delivery Information for US Customers

Here at Bags of Love, we focus on providing high-quality products and efficient deliveries. Since we have our own on-site production facility, we are able to produce many of our items within 24 hours of receiving the order. Our expert staff works together in the same building, ensuring that we control each step of the printing and production process. This allows us to maintain our high-quality standards for each of our luxury products.

Production times do vary according to each product, with more details available on each product's page. Please note that delivery time is not the same as production time. For example: most of our products are "Ready same day" or in 1-2 days. That does not mean that you will have your product the same day. Rather, "Ready Same Day" would mean that we have your product ready to ship that day, and we will put it on the FedEx truck that same day.

Generally, it takes approximately 2 days for shipping and for Eastern US (Western US takes approximately 3-4 days).

We do offer separate delivery and billing addresses on all orders. Easily design one of our products as a gift and ship it directly to the recipient.


In order to get your Bags of Love package by Christmas Day, we need to have your order placed by December 18th. This gives us enough time to account for any changes that must be made, to print your gift, and ship it to you. Please note: some things may require more time to print than others. So don't be the last-minute shopper this Christmas and get your gifts made with time to spare.


Bags of Love uses FedEx international shipping services for all US orders. This is our standard service and is the $9.99 default delivery option listed in the shopping cart. FedEx usually delivers all orders to the Eastern US in 2 days, and to the Western US in 3-4 days. FedEx delivers every day, including Saturdays, but not Sundays and some national holidays.

PLEASE NOTE: you will have to sign upon delivery! This is just another added measure to ensure you receive your products in good condition.

More information FedEx and their delivery services can be found on their website.

Again, please remember that delivery times are not the same as production times! We take the necessary time to make sure your product is up to our high-quality standards. Bags of Love does not continue production or dispatch work over the weekend, except for Christmas and other busy events.



When there are adverse weather conditions, international deliveries might be affected. If transport is delayed, so will your package. However, FedEx does an excellent job of working around this to ensure quick and efficient deliveries.