School Name Labels

School Name Labels

School Labels

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The great thing about a school uniform is that everyone wears the same thing. It's neat and tidy, and each child has a sense of belonging, that together they are all part of a bigger thing. The downside, however, is that everyone wears the same thing. It's so easy to pick up the wrong thing - sweatshirt, cardigan, PE kit - and by then realize it's often too late. Personalized school name labels are a fantastic, unobtrusive way for your child to be able to tell their uniforms from their friends.

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School Labels

  • School uniform name labels
  • 190 gsm, either flat or folded
  • Sewing allowance on each label
  • Washer and dryer safe
  • 12 sizes, sold in packs of 20+
  • Smooth satin school labels

Remember those summer days where you'd all take off at the end of school and have a run around the field before heading home? 

You'd all throw your things in a big pile and play 'tag' or 'stuck in the mud' for half an hour to wear yourselves out, before picking everything back up again and heading home for dinner. It's likely that on more than one occasion, you got home only to find that you've got your classmate's jumper instead of yours. It just didn't quite fit right, and you didn't want to wear someone else's jumper, but your spare is in the wash from when you did arts and crafts last week. So you go to school a little chilly in the morning, hopeful that your friend has realized and brought yours. Personalized school name labels mean that you never have to face this dilemma as a parent. Create your own school clothes labels with photos and text, and never have to experience the wrong-jumper-quandary again.
  • Available in either flat or folded style
  • Made from a shiny, smooth Satin fabric
  • Sold in packs of 20, 40, 100 or 200
  • No minimum order requirements
  • 12 different size options to choose from
  • Measurements as small as 0.59" x 1.38"
  • Labels up to 3.54" x 2.75" in size
  • Folded labels only need stitching on one side
  • Flat labels for irritation-free flat positioning
  • Personalize with photos and images
  • Choose your own background color
  • Add text for name or initials of your child
  • Washing machine and tumble dryer safe
  • Each label comes with a sewing allowance
  • Three-year guarantee on print and material

Care instruction

Our fabric labels have a permanent wash fast print. The material is strong, yet soft, and will easily last the life of your garment or accessory. To ensure your label stays in tip-top condition we recommend ironing at 86°C maximum. Cool washing, 104°F maximum. Tumble drying on low heat. Exceeding these settings can result in color bleed.

  • Wash At 104°F
  • Low Heat
  • Tumble 1

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Personalized school name labels

After you have designed your personalized school name labels, we get our expert printing technicians to use modern, state-of-the-art, digital printing methods to permanently infuse eco-friendly inks to the fibers of the satin. Using a deep penetration technique, the results are long-lasting and will not crack, fade, or peel - even after multiple washes. 

The 100% poly-satin is abrasion resistant, perfect for those rough-and-tumble moments, and has outstanding durability. The woven material is not embroidered, it is printed, allowing you to fully appreciate the amazing color reproduction and the ability to add even the finest detail, for exceptional readability.

Due to the production process that we use, there is the possibility of some seconds or borderline cases of labels. When this occurs we would automatically include these with your order (free of charge) in the hope that you might be able to make use of them. We feel that this is a much better solution than sending them straight to landfill. If you notice these cases within your order, it's worth checking as it's likely that they have been sent as extras rather than as part of your order.

Please note: If you opt for folded labels, these will not be pre-folded.

Create your own school clothes labels

Your personalized school labels have a cutting line so that they can be trimmed to size. This line is sewn into your clothing, so it won't be visible on your school uniform name labels once they are attached.

For the best results on your personalized name tags for school, make sure that you keep the design bold and clean. You don't want so many details that none of them can be seen clearly. Make sure any text that you place onto the kid's school labels uses a font size of 10pt or bigger, and bear in mind that lightweight or fine fonts will not be seen as clearly. 

Label design tips

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