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Custom Personalized Bags

You want a one-of-a-kind? Create it!

Create a stylish and classic bag that perfectly fits your style, and yourself with our simple process. Choose from the wide range of styles, sizes, and colors. Personalize it with your ideal pattern, text, a personal photo, or a whole collage of personal photos.

Once you've created the bag online, we hand make it in our shop. First we hand print the pattern or photo onto our high quality fabrics, then our seamstresses’ hand sew it all into the dream that you created. The positives about hand sewing is not only that it is the ethical way of creation, but it also means that human eyes are the ones watching over it and creating it, if an error is made, then we fix it immediately. We create by hand: for quality, for reason, and for an ecstatic customer.

We offer a range of textiles; silky soft satin, canvas, suede, and even neoprene. This, along with a combination of shapes, sizes, and trims, means that there is a bag here for everyone (even the men in the room!)

Quality above all else

Our products are all one of a kind, made one at a time. Sure that means it takes a lot longer than modern day tactics of resorting to a factory, but that is the base and promise we stand on. Luckily we have extremely dedicated workers, so if you order with us, we do the job in a timely manner, some orders can even be sent out in the same day!

Our personalized bags are especially admired for the original designs, deep color print and again our devoted hand crafted techniques. We, at Bags of Love, assure a bag that will last a lifetime, we believe in the products we make, and for that reason we give you a free 2 year guarantee to see for yourself.