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Canvas Prints

Paint the walls with your memories

Immortalize the times you've had, in a variety of ways that we offer you. Making a canvas with bags of love is a simple process, but the final product is anything but simple, with deep color ink and a durable material this is an object you'll find yourself peering at on the walls for a lifetime. Our base at bags of love is quality. Once you've created a personalized or custom canvas, we then hand print it ourselves in London, we input everything and watch carefully as it comes into actuality. If there is a mistake or it just doesn't seem to be meeting up to expectation, then we quickly change or re-do it. PLUS many if not the majority of the canvases can be made with next day delivery options (including Saturday)

Variety Variety Variety

We have one of the best selections on the market when it comes to the wide range of sizes available for photo printing. Check it out yourself with our online designing system, and see how you can play about with sized and shapes that suit the look you are going for, the theme of the room, or your personal budget. There is freedom in everything when it comes to the actual design as well. Blow up a personal photo of yours, or easily create a collage with us. You can also make a canvas with your favorite image from the past, a design that speaks to you, or just fill it with texts. Funny, enduring, or just adorable, it's up to you.