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Custom Bathrobes

Custom Bathrobes

Personalized Bath Robes Made in the UKMade in the UK

Save 16% from $125.00 Was $149.00

Our beautiful, handmade personalized bath robes have a chic and relaxed fit, perfect for both men and women. They are soft, warm and luxurious, and come in 2 of our favorite fabrics - Cuddly Velvet or Vintage Looped Back Jersey. These custom bathrobes are the perfect way to wrap up in style while staying warm and cozy. Great for a totally personalized photo gift or for an indulgent treat for yourself. Design our custom gowns to suit you by uploading your favorite designs or photos on the front, back, sleeves and belt.

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Custom Made Bathrobes

  • Unisex custom dressing gowns
  • 9 sizes XXS - 4XL
  • 2 gorgeous fabric options
  • 5 color choices for belt and trim
  • Two front pockets
  • Handmade to order

If you love nothing more than snuggling on the sofa and catching up with your favorite TV shows, then make custom bathrobes just for the occasion.

Your personalized bath robes are a beautiful piece of loungewear that you'll never want to take off. Available in our stunning plush velvet or traditional terry toweling, these custom made bathrobes are the perfect gift for men and women. Available in 9 sizes from XXS to 4XL, there's one to suit every figure. The belt and trim come in 5 different colors, so choose one to complement your design.
  • Lovingly handmade to order
  • Choose from toweling or velvet fabric
  • 5 color options for belt and trim
  • Optional neck label for branding or message
  • Black or white top stitch thread
  • 4 areas to customize
  • 2 pockets at the front
  • Print all over
  • Stylish, elegant cut and shape
  • Machine washable

Care instructions

86°F wash, low tumble dry, do not iron.

  • Wash At 86°F
  • Tumble 1
  • Do Not Iron

Inspiration to Design Your Own Bathrobe

We all know that one couple who cannot keep their hands off each other and who are loved up all the time. If you are searching for the perfect gift for this sort of couple, then personalized bath robes would work beautifully. Make it super special and print photos of the couple, places they have been, trips they have made and their special moments. It can even include text with his and hers on the back, so there will be no mistaking which monogrammed dressing gown belongs to who. 

If you are a die-hard fan, it might be hard for you to find the perfect fan memorabilia in the shops. So, design your own custom bathrobes and show off your idol in a totally original way that nobody else will own. Disney's Frozen is a super popular theme to create custom dressing gowns fulfill little one's dreams. Another design we are seeing time and time again is Star Wars. With your cozy personalized dressing gown, you won't need to "force" yourself out of bed.

Dressing custom made bathrobes with a photo collage are a super memorable gift, being both practical and sentimental. All you have to do is upload several images and choose your favorite montage style. This is a classic way to personalize your bathrobe and ensures you're always wrapped up in fond memories. 

Quantity Discount

Like many of our products, your bathrobes come with a quantity discount, so design one for all your family members and save money at the same time.

Measure Yourself To Find The Right Size Mens
ChestXS: 86 - 91 cm
34 - 36 "
S: 91 - 96 cm
36 - 38 "
M: 96 - 101 cm
38 - 40 "
L: 101 - 106 cm
40 - 42 "
XL: 106 - 111 cm
42 - 44 "
2XL: 111 - 119 cm
44 - 47 "
3XL: 119 - 127 cm
47 - 50 "
4XL: 127 - 135 cm
50 - 53 "
WaistXS: 71 - 76 cm
28 - 30 "
S: 76 - 81 cm
30 - 32 "
M: 81 - 86 cm
32 - 34 "
L: 86 - 91 cm
34 - 36 "
XL: 91 - 96 cm
36 - 38 "
2XL: 96 - 104 cm
38 - 41 "
3XL: 104 - 112 cm
41 - 44 "
4XL: 112 - 120 cm
44 - 47 "
  • Chest Measure around your fullest part, with the measuring tape under your armpits, making sure the tape is flat across your back.
  • Waist Measure around your natural waistline - which is the soft squidgy part just under your ribs.

Make a Collage

If you can’t decide on which photo to use, you can upload multiple images and create a photo collage. This can be done using one of our pre-set montage templates, or you can create your own entirely from scratch. It’s super easy to do and the possibilities are endless.

photo collage

How to add your collage to your product

Step 1 – Click the start design button & select your product options.

Step 2 – Go to the ‘Images & Text Tools’ tab, click the ‘add images/Text’ button on your product & ‘Select Images to Upload’ or use the Facebook/Instagram tabs.

Step 3 – Choose the images you want to use for your collage, upload & select them from the uploaded photos list.

Step 4 – Click ‘Create montage’ & select your collage style.

Step 5 – Add the collage to your design.

Hints and Tips

  • The more images you add to your collage the smaller each image will be. Fewer images will be larger and give you more clarity and detail.
  • The more people in an image, the less detail there will be. If you have 10 images of a group of five friends, each person will be smaller than if you have 10 images on just one person.
  • Try to make sure that the longest side of each image is around 3.93". There is a handy ruler built into the design tool to help you with this.
  • Smaller products will not be able to fit as many images as larger ones will.

Made with love

Your customizable design is printed onto the fabric by our skilled technicians. This is done first to ensure that your custom bathrobes are printed in full-color, edge to edge. We use a modern digital printing technique which bonds eco-friendly inks to the fabric by penetrating the surface and using deep infusion technology. 

Craftsmen then cut the printed fabric to the correct size and shape depending on the size you chose, and to the bespoke pattern that our in-house designer has created just for Bags of Love. 

These cut panels are then passed over to our seamstresses to will stitch them together before they are quality checked and sent out to you.

Care: Both fabrics can be machine washed as normal at 86°f. Both fabrics cannot be tumble dried, so dry flat. The terry toweling custom dressing gowns are highly water absorbent and fast drying, perfect for use after the shower. The plush velvet bathrobes are super soft, cuddly and luxurious, so to keep it this way, give it a brush once dry to ensure the fibers stay fluffy. The toweling robes also need regular brushing to ensure they always stay soft against your skin. 

Things to think about

There are four areas to customize with your designs - the front, back and both sleeves. When designing the sleeves, your image will wrap around the circumference, so ensure that all your important details are facing outwards. The belt and trim come in five colors, so choose one that suits the rest of your design. You can use the trim as a stylish 'lapel', resembling a dinner jacket. This is a smart and sophisticated way of wearing your personalized bath robes. For any branding, there's an optional label you can design, the perfect place for your logo and size information. The label can also be used to write a funny or special message if you're giving this as a gift. 

Custom bathrobes for a great 18th or 21st birthday present. You can use their baby photos and name to make a great design. You can make his & hers gowns for couples. A bespoke towel robe or a super soft velvet robe is a perfect present for him, for her, for kids and adults alike. 

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