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Handmade with the best of materials, these roller custom blinds are a great personalized touch to any home. Take your stunning photos and have them printed on blackout or translucent material and made into custom roller shades. 

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  • Everything made to order

  • US delivery $15

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  • Quality materials. High grade image reproduction
  • 3 year guarante on print, material and mechanism
  • Child safety first. Please read safe use instructions below

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Measuring Your Photo Roller Blinds 

Fit custom print roller blinds to any shape any size window, up to 2 yards.  However, the measurement of the window and size you need is crucial to the quality of fit for your custom roller shades.  Although our blinds are of top quality, we need accurate and precise dimensions so we know exactly how to print your blinds.  Additionally, our shades are available in two types of mounts:


Relief Mount Photo Blindsrollerblind

This is where the blind screws to the window frame or wall and stands proud of the wall or frame. You must include at least 2in in width to house the spindle fittings as well as the personalized blind.

Recess Mount Photo Shades

roller blind

The blind goes inside the 'box' of the window. We need to know the precise dimensions of the recess. Then we subtract 1.3in from print width to allow for brackets in recess. The finished blind including brackets will equal your selected width.

Please note: Translucent fabric option does allow some light through, which varies depending on your print design. Certain elements may increase or decrease the light show through, for example, the cardinal direction of the window the blind is covering (North or South etc) and the colors of your design; lighter colors will possibly increase the transparency of your blind if you have strongly internal lit rooms, whereas darker colors could make it appear slightly more solid. If you are in anyway unsure or would like a darker finish, then we would recommend choosing the Blackout waterproof fabric option, or get in touch with us and we can help you with your decision.


Please Read Child Safe Use Features For Contrado Roller Blinds

Personalized Roller Blinds Safety

Roller blinds have a cord control and like any cord can give rise to safety concerns with children. Please keep the cord out of reach of children by fitting and using a cord clip (supplied). Please see below for the latest child safety regulations in regards to roller blind cords. For safety even with a safety device in place, we recommend that you move furniture such as cots, beds, side chairs away from windows fitted with a roller blind that has a side cord control mechanism.


Child Safety For All Made-to-Measure Blinds

Child Safety Regulations mean that all blinds have to comply with EN13120. Contrado Imaging Ltd takes the following measures to comply:
    • A safety breaker piece will be supplied, with any blind with cords and/or chains.
    • We advise the recommended distance from the floor to the bottom of the chain will be at least.
    • We supply the cord length at 2/3rds the length of your chosen drop.
    • A warning notice comes attached to your roller blind.
    • Installation instructions will be provided and must be available once the blind has been fitted.

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