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Custom Window Blinds

Handmade with the best of materials, our Bags of Love roller blinds are a great personalized touch to any home.  Take your stunning photos and have them printed on blackout or translucent material.

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  • Quality materials
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Measuring Your Photo Roller Blinds 

Here at Bags of Love, we have the ability to custom print roller blinds to fit and shape any size window, up to 2 yards.  However, the measurement of the window and size you need is crucial to the quality of fit.  Although our blinds are of top quality, we need accurate and precise dimensions so we know exactly how to print your blinds.  Additionally, our blinds are available in two types of mounts:


Relief mount photo blinds


With a relief mount, the blinds screws into the wall or window frame, protruding from the wall.  Please remember to calculate an additional 2" into your measurements to accommodate the spindle fittings and blind.


Recess mount photo blinds

roller blind

Recess mount photo blinds are mounted inside of the boxed window.  Therefore, the dimensions you order are the precise measurements of the recess.

Personalized Roller Blinds Safety: Please be sure to keep the cord of the blind out of reach from children so as to prevent strangulation.  

Note: If you select blackout material, the reverse is black in color.

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