Custom Felt Printing

Custom Felt Printing

Custom Printed Felt

from $37.00

A gorgeous felt, perfect for craft people. Our custom felt printing is available in different sizes and thicknesses and ideal for printing, animals, flowers; any shapes, like letters for slippers or Christmas stockings. Design and print a sheet and have it delivered express.

  • Ready in 1 - 2 day(s)

  • US delivery $9.49

  • Everything made to order

Custom Felt Prints You Design

  • Two different thickness options
  • Available in two sheet sizes
  • 39" x 20"
  • 39" x 35"
  • Design a template and we'll print it!
  • Beautiful full color print

From arts and crafts, to hats, to soundproofing - our custom printed felt can be used for any number of different things.

Offered in two different thicknesses to suit more uses, our custom felt printing is perfect for when you want a tactile material for your crafting project, a stiffer material for hat making, or if you just want to soundproof so that you can turn it up without upsetting anyone. Available in two sheet sizes, and personalized with your photos or design, to order in our facility, custom felt is a great addition to your projects.
  • Available in a choice of thicknesses
  • 0.04" thick or 0.12" thick felt
  • Available in two sheet sizes
  • Small - 39.37" x 19.68"
  • Large - 39.37" x 35.43"
  • Custom felt printing with your photos
  • Full color edge to edge printing
  • Eco-friendly inks for permanent prints
  • Hand printed to order

Select your felt

We have felt in two different thicknesses to suit multiple uses.

  • 0.04" thick

    0.04" thick

    Thin, light 5.31oz felt. Fibrous brushed face, clear, bold print

  • 0.12" thick

    0.12" thick

    Thick heavyweight felt 14.75oz. Fibrous brushed face, clear bold print.

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DIY and Craft Lovers Rejoice

Whether you are looking to make your own felt hat or felt dress or are looking for a fun DIY project to do with the kids, our new printable felt is a great choice. Upload your designs to create something entirely your own.

  • 0.25"  thick felt = 5.3oz
  • 0.76"  thick felt = 14.75oz

We know that our customers are a creative bunch, and our new custom felt printing has been made especially for you. Perfect for those who love arts and crafts projects, our new custom printed felt is designed entirely by you on our design interface. We then print it in full color, ready for you to craft. Whether you are looking to make a teddy bear for a fun and unique child's gift or felt flowers for vintage inspired decorations, our felt will do the job for you beautifully. Simply upload your design using our easy to use design interface and we'll do the rest.

Turn it up

Blast your music or listen to your favorite movies as loud as you want without getting your neighbors! Our custom felt printing can be used as acoustic felt, which reflects sounds to keep your home studio or home cinema exciting on the inside but quiet from the outside. As well as being practical and essential for home studios and home cinemas, our custom printed felt can also be a reflection of your personality. We print the felt in full, beautiful color, so have fun uploading photos or your favorite designs to make the felt customized for you. For a home cinema, why not upload scenes from your favorite movies and for your studio, your favorite musicians or song lyrics would make an amazing and fitting design.

It's Felt Fashion

If you are looking for something a bit special to wear and are sick of what's available on the high street, then why not have a go at creating something using our printed felt?  A stunning felt patch on a hat or jeans or dress will make a fashion statement...even more so if it is hand done. Just create your pattern and we will print it for you, ready to turn into the latest fashion trend, utterly unique to you.

Printed by hand

We print your photos and designs onto the felt using state-of-the-art digital printing techniques. This modern digital print technology infuses the eco-friendly inks deep into the fibers of the material. This produces a permanent print that has rich colors and wonderful details. The print won't scratch off, peel away or rub off, and it won't fade over time either - giving you fantastic, great quality, high-definition, custom felt printing.

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