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Personalized Wrap Belt

Personalized Wrap Belt

Custom Wrap Belt Made in the UKMade in the UK

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Boast your best outfit, complete with a personalized wrap belt that features your photos and designs. Our custom dress belts are handmade from superior Nappa leather and are an item of luxury. To make this wrap belt your own, use your photos and designs and choose between a smooth or bubble textured leather. For the best fit, the belt is available in three sizes and is adjustable.

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Design Your Own Wrap Belt

  • Finest genuine Nappa leather
  • Smooth or bubble textured leather choice
  • One long panel to design
  • 3 Sizes: S, M, L
  • Statement waist belt with wrap detail
  • Handmade by leather artisans

Take your ensemble from day to night with a personalized wrap belt.

Our custom wrap belt is a flawless finishing touch for a dress. With your design printed right onto the leather, it will be the focal point of your outfit. The belt itself is made almost entirely from our soft Nappa leather, with a bit of sturdy elastic to provide a level of adjustability and comfort. When you design your own wrap belt, our leather craftspeople cut each piece of the belt to size and shape, and carefully stitch each part together to create one unique accessory. The smooth black leather straps wrap around to the front and can be tied in various ways – you'll look like you just walked straight off the runway.
  • Smooth or textured Nappa leather
  • Black Nappa straps 
  • Elastic sections for mobility
  • 3 Sizes: S, M, L
  • Adjustable fit
  • Hand-painted black edges
  • One long panel to design
  • Printed with eco-friendly inks
  • Waist belt, great for dresses
  • Handmade to order

Care instructions

To ensure the leather print on your product is as durable as possible, we’ve worked hard refining our printing process and craftsmanship. As leather has a naturally textured surface, you may notice small surface differences. This is common for natural leather and leather printing. All leathers age naturally according to usage, and this can cause the print to wrinkle or fade slightly over time. It is possible the base color may show through the leather as it ages with wear. When not in use, we recommend storing your product in a protective dust bag or box to keep it looking its best. • Avoid prolonged exposure to extreme heat, sunlight, water, and chemical cleaners to maintain a bright and long-lasting print. • Avoid contact with light-colored fabrics or upholstery as the color may transfer. • While a light rain shower is unlikely to harm, we recommend protecting from rain. Should your product get wet, allow it to dry naturally away from direct heat. • To clean surface wipe only with a damp lint-free cotton cloth.

  • Wipe with a lint free cloth
  • Do Not Wash
  • Avoid high temperatures
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Avoid rain and water
  • Avoid chemical cleaners

How To Wear Your Belt

Our personalized wrap belt has three sections that make up the finished belt. The largest piece of leather is the section that you design with your photos, and you can choose between our smooth or bubble textured Nappa. The back, which rests against your waist, will be made of smooth black leather. The two straps that tie together in the front are made of the same smooth black Nappa. A section of black elastic joins the straps to the waist section, so the belt will comfortably move with you. 

To get your wrap belt looking its best, follow these instructions to put it on:

  1. With your design facing out, place the belt around the front of your waist.
  2. Bring the black straps toward your back. Thread the longer strap through the slit near the elastic on the opposite shorter strap.
  3. Bring both straps toward the front of your waist, and feed the longer strap through the smaller slit on the opposite strap.
  4. You can now finish off the belt any way you like, but follow the final step for our favorite knot.
  5. (Optional) Thread the longer strap under and back up through the shorter strap. This will create an opening through which you can thread the strap back down. And voila! 

Product size chart Belts
 Wrap Belt Size SWrap Belt Size MWrap Belt Size L
Min-Max Wrap Belt LengthWrap Belt Size S 73.6 - 87.6 cm
29 - 34.5 "
Wrap Belt Size M 83.8 - 97.8 cm
33 - 38.5 "
Wrap Belt Size L 94 - 107.9 cm
37 - 42.5 "

    Behind the Scenes

    Our talented team of print technicians uses industry-leading techniques to print your photo gifts, including your custom wrap belt. The ink is applied in such a way that it becomes part of the leather, and therefore won't peel or rub off. Meanwhile, our leatherworkers cut each piece to size and shape. Each piece of the personalized wrap belt is stitched together, and it's finished off with hand-painted edges that help keep the leather strong. Your wrap belt is carefully quality-checked before we send it out to you. 

    Careful With Faces

    Such a unique accessory calls for a unique design. The straps of your personalized wrap belt wrap in front of your design, so we recommend avoiding photos where important elements might be obscured, such as faces. Long panoramic photos, patterns, or whimsical designs are great options to fill this space with. Try using landscape photos from your latest holiday, or a forest background to connect with nature. 

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