Custom Vinyl Tablecloths

Custom Vinyl Tablecloths

Custom Vinyl Table Covers

from $109.00

Our custom vinyl tablecloths are a fabulous addition for your home. This durable waterproof tablecloth is made from our Oilcloth Fabric, which is brilliant thanks to the wipe clean tablecloth waterproof surface. Choose a chic matte finish and five sizes. Wipe easy tablecloths, functional and fashionable at the same time. Create your custom vinyl table covers online.

  • Ready in 1 - 2 day(s)

  • US delivery $9.49

  • Everything made to order


  • 1 $109.00
  • 2 $104.00 Each (Save $10.00)
  • 4 $99.00 Each (Save $40.00)
  • 10 $89.00 Each (Save $200.00)

Custom Oilcloth Tablecloths

  • Cotton half-Panama
  • 100% waterproof
  • Five different sizes
  • Round, square or rectangular options
  • Easy wipe down tablecloths
  • Also in Panama Flo

Our custom Oilcloth Tablecloths can really enhance any dining occasion and if you are stuck for tablecloth ideas, making your own one, bespoke to the occasion or family is ideal.

An oilcloth printed tablecloth is such a popular choice, and we can see why. Durable, functional and fashionable our customized tablecloth can be designed to feature anything you like; be it a photo, a photo montage, a pattern or text. They make brilliant wedding and anniversary gifts as well as thoughtful and practical housewarming gifts. Why not create the perfect seasonal design, which you can bring out year after year. Make your own tablecloth or Christmas tablecloths that are not disposable and wasteful. When you design your own custom oilcloth tablecloths, you can enjoy it for years to come and even make it as an outdoor tablecloth for garden table dining. Custom table covers also make handsome new home gifts.
  • Cotton half-Panama tablecloth
  • 100% waterproof
  • Suitable for outdoors
  • Great for kids’ parties, outdoors, Christmas
  • Doubles up as a child’s playmat
  • Long-lasting print
  • 5 sizes
  • Matte finish
  • Shiny surface, wipe down tablecloth
  • Also available in Panama Flo

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Choose Your Perfect Oilcloth Finish and Size

Your own DIY fabric tablecloth is entirely achievable here. Our custom oilcloth tablecloths come in a beautiful matte finish. This finish is non-reflective and stays smoother, without the surface becoming crazed. It is a stylish and contemporary finish, which looks beautiful on a dressed table. The tablecloth is 100% waterproof making it perfect for parties, garden events or kids tables. Due to the finish of the cloth, it will produce a sharper and slightly cooler detail, with a softer more gentle color.

We can make your tablecloth to order in choice of 5 sizes:

  • 55" x 55" normal square tablecloth
  • 55" x 55" typical round table cloth size
  • 70.75" x 55" normal rectangle table cloth
  • 90.5" x 55" medium rectangle table cloth
  • 118" x 55" large oblong tablecloth

A Wonderfully Durable Tablecloth You Design

Design your own custom oilcloth tablecloth or DIY tablecloth with Bags of Love and create a statement in your kitchen or dining room. These custom oilcloth table covers are so durable and useful, that you will be able to use them for a whole host of activities. Create a striking design using photos and imagery and jazz up your dining area; perfect for everyday use or special occasions. A DIY tablecloth or oilcloth table runner will look fabulous on your dining room table. If you have kids, create their very own playmat, which can be used whenever they get up to messy arts and crafts. Simply lay the oilcloth tablecloth down and let their imagination run wild with painting, drawing, clay, anything really! You can feel confident that your tablecloth will be easy to wipe clean once playtime is over.

Wedding Tablecloth Ideas

This will not be your ordinary plastic tablecloth. This is custom made with your wedding design printed on oilcloth. So if you need custom wedding outdoor table cloths this is a good idea for the special day. Using our famous oilcloth fabric, you can create your own design for the wedding with photos, names text or logo. We also offer generous discounts so you can cover many numbers of tables.

Wipeable Tablecloth Fabric

Sometimes you need wipeable tablecloths and they need to be strong, robust and look good. So a great idea is to design your own and create table oilcloth with your designs, that look good no matter the amount of messy play or food spills occurring. Just wipe the tablecloth down every time, and because it is thick and strong, it will last years.

Round Vinyl Tablecloth? Try Round Oilcloth Fabric Tablecloth

We make round table cloths in something better than typical vinyl: a printed oilcloth round tablecloth which has waterproof properties but a less plastic feel for a touch of elegant quality as a waterproof tablecloth. One other key advantage is the fact that you print whatever you like on our version of the round oilcloth tablecloth making it unique for you. Our oilcloth version compares favorably to a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth because it has cotton backing and the wipeable surface, as one material.

Hunters of Vintage Tablecloths - Get The Look Here

One of the great things about digital print these days is you can literally go retro at the touch a button. If you have vintage design and need to match a vintage table cloth look to your setting, this is where you do it. Make a gorgeous vintage one or Thanksgiving tablecloth for your family.

Practical Wipe Clean Tablecloth

This wipeable tablecloth is totally gorgeous in it's subtle eggshell matte finish, enhancing your choice of design. Every one is easy to look after and keep hygienic, as well as looking smashing due to their fantastic surface and delightful fabric handle. Oilcloth table covers never looked so good nor met a tabletop challenge better. The coated tablecloth is ideal for all practical uses form kids tables to wedding table and since you design it, it will always blend to the setting.

Designers Love The Look And Feel Of Designer Oilcloth

Whether for a picnic tablecloth for outings or large elegant tablecloths for fancy dinners these beautiful tablecloths meet the high expectations of designers worldwide. We have developed designer oilcloth exactly for creative designers, artists and interior consultants. They use it for making houses look great with a range of large tablecloths, or dress cute spaces with large round tablecloths, or design patios featuring oilcloth tablecloth round style, or enhance garden and outdoor living with round table cloth settings. The design possibilities are endless as we print the material on the roll and this allows for oblong tablecloth, and custom oilcloth table cloth sizes too.

Events Dressed With Oilcloth Inspirations

We make plenty of these products for all types of events, typically birthday tablecloth, or valentine tablecloth, but especially seasonal ones or Christmas oilcloth versions. Making festive Christmas oilcloth and Christmas oilcloth table settings is a favorite kind of use, and owners get them out year after year, with the print and material remaining in pristine condition. They also make a great Mother's day table cloth to let her know how much you love her.

Oilcloth Manufacturer

We are a tablecloth company. To custom print a full width roll of oilcloth material, we can do that too by the meter. Print your own oilcloth for tables and events and cut it to size with scissors. Get in touch. Call or use chat.

Make a Collage

If you can’t decide on which photo to use, you can upload multiple images and create a photo collage. This can be done using one of our pre-set montage templates, or you can create your own entirely from scratch. It’s super easy to do and the possibilities are endless.

photo collage

How to add your collage to your product

Step 1 – Click the start design button & select your product options.

Step 2 – Go to the ‘Images & Text Tools’ tab, click the ‘add images/Text’ button on your product & ‘Select Images to Upload’ or use the Facebook/Instagram tabs.

Step 3 – Choose the images you want to use for your collage, upload & select them from the uploaded photos list.

Step 4 – Click ‘Create montage’ & select your collage style.

Step 5 – Add the collage to your design.

Hints and Tips

  • The more images you add to your collage the smaller each image will be. Fewer images will be larger and give you more clarity and detail.
  • The more people in an image, the less detail there will be. If you have 10 images of a group of five friends, each person will be smaller than if you have 10 images on just one person.
  • Try to make sure that the longest side of each image is around 3.93". There is a handy ruler built into the design tool to help you with this.
  • Smaller products will not be able to fit as many images as larger ones will.

Waterproof photos

Your photos are printed directly onto our oilcloth fabric by print technicians. They use a digital printing process which infuses the eco-friendly inks deep into the fibers of the material. This ensures full-colour edge to edge printing in high definition. A skilled craftsman will then cut the fabric to size and shape before our seamstresses hem and stitch your oilcloth tablecloth. 

Care: Wipe down with a damp, soapy cloth for hygiene. Do not machine wash. The cotton reverse can be ironed on a low heat.

Things to think about

When choosing the size of your personalized oilcloth tablecloth, remember to account for the drape on each side. We normally suggest 7.87"-11.81" for a smart, well-dressed table.

Design your own seasonal Christmas oilcloth table cover to create a truly festive vibe using photos from all the family. This is good for when relatives can’t make it one year – at least they’ll be there in fabric form! Or for a stylish Christmas tablecloth that won’t see any red wine stains in its long lifetime, print a winter wonderland scene full of snow and sparkle.

Your oilcloth tablecloth has many uses, including being suitable for outdoors. Come rain or shine (more shine though please) it will be protected from the elements, so your photos or design stay bright, whatever the weather. Bring the tropics to your back garden and choose a bold design with palm trees, blue skies and exotic fruits. Your lively oilcloth tablecloth will really set the scene for your barbecues and summer parties.

Give kids the gift of imagination with a waterproof tablecloth. It doesn’t matter if they spill paint or juice onto our wipeable tablecloths during playtime; just get a damp sponge and watch the mess disappear.

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Vinyl Tablecloth Rated 5/5 based on 5 customer reviews star star star star star

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