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Plastic Jigsaw Puzzle

Reviews of Plastic jigsaw Puzzle

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  • testimonials Fantastic product!
    The quality of the puzzle I ordered, the speediness of delivery and execution of my design were excellent. So happy with this purchase!

    Kathleen H. From Charlotte Review Date 30/11/2019
  • testimonials Beautiful gift
    The service was unbelievably quick. I don’t know how you managed to deliver it in less than one business day from the UK to the US. I was looking all over the internet for a personalized puzzle that included shiny, sturdy pieces with quality printing. So glad I found your site. The kids loved their puzzles. For at least the plastic puzzles, the pieces should have been more uniquely shaped. The kids were able to snap together mismatched pieces too easily. The beautiful printing on the tin was a great touch.

    Aron Z From Pittsburgh Review Date 01/01/2019
  • testimonials wonderful product and service
    The recipient of this jig-saw puzzle was blown away by its quality -- "this is how all puzzles should be made!" I was, once again, blown away by the speed with which it was delivered.

    Warren W From Davis, California Review Date 23/08/2018