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  • testimonials Amazing service and product
    I purchased a photo pillowcase. It was absolutely adorable and everything I wanted it to be. This website is very user friendly and it was so easy to create the pillowcase and arrange the pictures. It allowed me to put a background color and text on the pillowcase which made it even more personal. I will definitely use this company again. They have many products and I look forward to making more personalized items. Thank you for the amazing product, customer service and quick product turnaround.

  • testimonials
    The photograph you printed on a pillow case for me is absolutely wonderful. Your staff worked with me online, and this made the ordering process quite simple. I will be placing more orders. Mark A in Pittsburgh, PA, USA

  • testimonials
    I'm very happy with the pillowcases I ordered. They turned out great. Also, I was surprised that my order was completed and shipped to me so soon. I will likely continue to place future orders through Bags Of Love. The experience was very positive.

  • testimonials

  • testimonials super soft and great quality
    I ordered 3 pillow cases for my daughter who was leaving for college with family photos on them. The pillow cases were super soft and great quality. This product was better than expected. I will definitely order from bags of love again.

  • testimonials
    Fine images, but both T-shirt and pillow cases were in a much shinier material than expected. And the background on my sweater which was supposed to have been white was slightly gray. But it is only deatails. In general I am happy with the results.

  • testimonials
    I loveddddd my package! It was a gift for my bestfriend for his dorm, and he loved it as well. Only thing i didnt like was, i didnt get an edtimated time of shipping. I had to call and ask. On the bright side if i need anything customized, i'm using you guys!

  • testimonials
    The pillow case was awesome. It couldn't have been any better. The material for the blanket is good. The only thing is that on the website it showed the demo picture like the white lettering in my picture would be white. Instead it is like an off white that doesn't match the rest of the whiteness of the blanket. Wish i would have known that because i would have asked to alter the picture or change the background coloring. it still works though.

  • testimonials excellent and super service
    excellent and super service! one of the best services i have had.

  • testimonials
    Brilliant products and fantastic service! Will absolutely be ordering from here again!