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Personalized Door Stops

Reviews and feedback from our customers about their Personalized Door Stop product they ordered online and read comments about experience of our services. Have confidence from these reviews to order one now.

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  • testimonials
    This was a great gift to throw into a care package! It is is small and simple but can really be personalized to your liking. It an awesome way to take a little bit of home where ever you may go.

    Jackie P From Montana Review Date 23/03/2017
  • testimonials
    Got this as a small little gift for my niece because she was complaining about her dorm door never stays open. It is great quality and I loved that I could personalzie it!

    Jennifer From California Review Date 15/03/2017
  • testimonials
    Amazing! We love it!

    Kerry O From Los Angeles Review Date 15/03/2017