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Personalized Buntings

Our Customized Bunting make any occasion or celebration even more special. Make your design specific to the event, or show of your personal style! Read what the customers say about their Personalized Bunting.

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  • testimonials High Quality
    I am so pleased with the bunting I ordered. The individual flags are a good size for viewing from afar, the material is substantial. The pictures quality is very good. I had a few pics that were low resolution but was warned and given an opportunity to change them before production. Great overall!

    Kris R. From Sarasota, FL Review Date 14/08/2019
  • testimonials Great Product!
    The banner is far above our expectation. The material is great, stitching is solid. We are more than satisfied and will order from Bags of Love again!

    Bonnie B. From Arlington Heights, IL Review Date 24/07/2019
  • testimonials Love it
    It looks great- I just wish there was less space between the images.

    Michelle L From Alaska Review Date 13/05/2019
  • testimonials Square bunting
    I was really very happy with the end product, the bunting is even bigger than I expected, and quality is good, ordering was easy and delivery was efficient.

    Amanda P From Scotland Review Date 21/11/2018
  • testimonials
    I am so in love with the quality and workmanship of the bunting! The shipping time was awesome too! Great seller!

    Kathy D From New jersey Review Date 13/03/2017
  • testimonials
    They were incredible !!! Perfectly clear and larger than I thought !!! Everyone asked where they were from! I would suggest making it easier to find on your website !

    Nicole F From NYU Review Date 08/11/2016
  • testimonials
    Wonderful !

    Amy k From New york Review Date 26/02/2016