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Lycra Printing

Lycra Printing

Reviews of Lycra Printing

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  • testimonials Love
    I absolutely love how this came out. It’s feel is soft and I’m using it to make in my daughters quilt. I was so excited. I got to it right away.

    Wende U From Buffalo Review Date 18/09/2019
  • testimonials The fabric options - WOW!
    Easy and awesome! My group of friends are making a quilt for a graduation gift. We were all given 5 quilt squares to sew or create. I did mine digitally and printed to cotton. A friend of mine also used Bags of Love for her squares and is printing to cotton satin. Can't wait to see her. Mine are wonderful.

    Molly B From Huntsville, AL Review Date 12/03/2019
  • testimonials Love it !
    Great quality of the printing the DPI and it came in less than 4 days

    Ericka F From United States Review Date 30/08/2018