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Custom Printed Lamp Shade

Create your own Personalized Printed Lamp Shade with your own images and designs, it will surely lighten up any room. Read what the customers say about their Custom Printed Lamp Shade.

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  • testimonials Lampshades
    I am very pleased with my lampshades. It makes justice to my art. Maybe one day I could buy from you as a bunch to resale them in stores. Better days will come after this vírus. I will order more soon. Thank you Cristina Chabot

  • testimonials Well done job
    Very helpful for making sure my product is really what I want

  • testimonials Awesome
    Awesome job and fast delivery

  • testimonials Great quality, prompt service
    Though I did not see the product as it was a gift, the recipient said she was impressed with the quality of the large table lamp shade, the materials as well as the clarity of the photo images used. When creating it. If the software warned an image would be of lesser quality or smaller, I listened to it and chose another image. It took like a day and a half before I received a email stating it was in the mail, and I think only 2 days for delivery.

  • testimonials Great product!
    I was able to use my personal artwork (sent as a jpg). This company reproduced it into fabric and made an adorable lampshade! Perfect in our grandchildren guest room. The website was easy to use and the shade came much quicker than I had anticipated. The only issue is the shade hardware which is different than what we normally see here. I am taking it to a lamp store and aim sure they can secure it.

  • testimonials Light Of My Life
    It turned out amazing. It will be a wonderful treasured gift.

  • testimonials Very Pleased
    Everything was great!

  • testimonials Very handsome, light--beyond what I expected!
    Prompt delivery of our lampshade, filled with photos. Most of the photos were taken with lousy cellphone cameras, but the quality of the photos on the lampshade was quite good. We get good reading light through the shade (use a low-watt bulb to avoid burning the plastic attachment that affixes the lampshade on top of the bulb). I'd order one again!

  • testimonials Every lamp should have this
    I'll never buy another lampshade unless it has my custom printed image and text on it. There were no Tommy Wiseau's The Room lampshades anywhere on the internet, so bagsoflove made mine for me.

  • testimonials Love it!!
    Great product, and customer service. Arrived on time, and in perfect condition. Exactly what I ordered, would highly recommend.