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Cooler Bag

Reviews of Cooler Bag

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  • testimonials Great product
    Great product, fast shipping. 5 stars

    Anna H From Anchorage Review Date 16/08/2019
  • testimonials Brilliant! It’s a hit!:)
    Excellent service

    Cat.V. From Northern California Review Date 14/08/2019
  • testimonials Amazing quality
    The lunch box is incredible quality. Super impressed. The only downside is it is VERY expensive for a lunch box.

    AngC From San Diego Review Date 06/08/2019
  • testimonials Awesome product
    Excellent quality, the pictures printed on the lunch box were clear and bright. Very easy site to use.

    Lisa P. From Illinois Review Date 01/07/2019
  • testimonials Really good quality
    Super easy to customize and really good quality for the printing and the bag itself.

    Jocelyne A. From California Review Date 15/03/2019
  • testimonials Great product
    Hello, I loved the product, the quality of the pictures were Great!

    Andrea C From New Jersey Review Date 04/02/2019
  • testimonials Great!
    Great product, fast service

    Willie M From Charlottesville Review Date 25/12/2018
  • testimonials Perfection
    Lunch box turned out perfect. Fixing my poor work for me was top notch stuff. Thanks!!!

    John P From Naples Review Date 01/08/2018
  • testimonials Excellent!
    We ordered for our nephews first year in preschool, and he was so excited to have his very own "back pack" with his photo on it!

    Allina S. From Oregon Review Date 30/07/2018