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Chiffon Printing

Chiffon Printing

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  • testimonials Very happy
    I had one of my paintings printed onto chiffon for my mom's birthday. Looks beautiful. Next time, I would get the finished edge but this was my first time ordering and wasn't sure what to expect. I will definitely be ordering again.

  • testimonials Great product
    Thank you for the excellent product you made for me and service. I love the chiffon scarf with my art work. Lynette Hoy

  • testimonials great job
    The quality and quick service are fabulous. Photos looked great and fabric quality was very high.

  • testimonials Always Great
    This is my second time ordered a print on the ripstop, I use it to make track jackets. People love it, I love it. I'm going to try the other fabrics because I'm sure they're just as great. Also, the shipping time process is AMAZING. There are local companies who take way longer for the same process/product you've given from another country.

  • testimonials Great company! Efficient work!
    I had nothing but positive experiences with Bags of Love. I had requested to have an image printed on neoprene and cut at the edges. I was shipping overseas so I didn't imagine how fast it would take. Not only did the package arrive on my doorstep 3 days after shipping, but the packaging itself was fantastic. It was wrapped in a way that protected the material. The print quality was fantastic and I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you!

  • testimonials Amazing Service!!!
    I needed my customized towel banner quickly and Bags of Love exceeded my expectations! They made it and shipped it to me in 2 days and it was perfect! I have shared their information and my experience with everyone who asked about my banner- and a ton of people commented on how great it was!