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Ladies Pyjama Bottoms

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  • testimonials HOLY CANNOLI!!!
    Wow! Bam! What in the actual ****?!?!?!?!?! THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just take my money, take it all!!!!! I love putting my face all over things and gifting them to people! Bahahahahahahaha. This is just absolutely amazing! The PJ pants are soft as **** and delivered 3 days from the 5 minutes it took me to sit on my ass and put my face all over pants..... sorry for the language, but for real..... ****ing thank you!

    Val B. From Madeira Beach, FL Review Date 22/12/2018
  • testimonials Happiness
    Loved the way the Jammies turned out! The turnaround was very fast!

    Justin I From NYC Review Date 21/12/2018
  • testimonials Best $$ I have spent so far this Christmas
    Bags of Love was the only company I could find that had custom photo printed pajama pants. I was really nervous about ordering something internationally given that there were only a couple of weeks til Christmas. Not only did these arrive 3 DAYS after I ordered them, but the quality was beyond my expectations. The fabric is soft, the photo prints are clear, and the pants are well made. I cannot WAIT to give these as a gift to my sister-in-law, and I will definitely be ordering from Bags of Love again!

    Sarah R. From Washington, DC Review Date 21/12/2018
  • testimonials Extremely satisfied!
    I ordered pajama bottoms with pictures of my wife and I for an ongoing inside joke with our friends. The website was user friendly for my phone and once ordered I realized I spelled my name incorrectly. Once I received my confirmation email to verify one more time the design for my purchase (another awesome perk) I asked to have my name corrected and they easily made the correction. We are so happy with the product! The pictures are sharp with clear colors and the fabric is incredibly comfortable. I could not be happier with this purchase!!

    J. Moya From Los Angeles Review Date 21/12/2018
  • testimonials LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!
    I was reluctant to order from overseas so close to Christmas, but after chatting with bags of love, I decided to give it a try. Wow! I was SUPER IMPRESSED! My order was placed on Monday morning. They processed it, made it and had it delivered to me in the US by Thursday morning!!!! Excellent customer service! The pajama pants are fabulous!!!;

    Melissa L. From Scranton, PA, USA Review Date 20/12/2018
  • testimonials Great product
    Easy process, service was really good and it was delivered quickly

    Cindy N From California Review Date 17/12/2018
  • testimonials Exceeded my expectations
    The photos were extremely clear. It was surprising that they could be expanded to cover the pajama and still be crystal clear. Very pleased with the quality of the product. The online system was easy to use and whole process from design to receive was about 4 days.

    Charlotte D From Sarasota, Florida Review Date 11/12/2018
  • testimonials Perfection!
    I am so pleased with the overall quality of the pajamas! They are soft, silky, and the photo is crisp and clear! Love them!!

    Rebecca M From Phoenix Review Date 07/12/2018
  • testimonials Excellent Quality
    This was the best gift for my mom to have in remembrance of my sister who suddenly passed. My mom loved them and they turned out better than I expected!

    Eboni M From Chicago Review Date 12/11/2018
  • testimonials My pj bottom order
    I am happy with my purchase and the way the pj bottoms turned out. I recently had a bad experience elsewhere with how something turned out. The pj bottoms are quite soft and happy that it does not have a draw string. You were quite helpful and even offered your condolences on my recent loss of a family member.

    Elizabeth H. From Illinois Review Date 25/10/2018