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    The product online looks promsiing, We have yet to recive theproduct in order to confirm this... I am hoping for the best from this product as i find the concept extremly amazing being able to customize almost anything!

    Sydney F From Okotoks Alberta Review Date 14/02/2017
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    OK - is there a way to write an over 5 star review? This company is fantastic. I ordered a duvet cover as a surprise for my Mother's b-day and was limited on time. I didn't have much patience but Bags of Love was awesome and told me that some of the pics weren't going to come out with good quality. I "upgraded" the pics and resent, it passed quality control and the order was placed. (I did have an issue of using my AE through paypal so had to use a visa directly but was able to get the order placed). I was worried about timing as the order was going to Virginia and the company is in London. We received the duvet in about 5 days! The quality was FAR better than I ever could have hoped and the duvet cover was a huge success. Mom says "One of the best gifts ever!" and I can't say enough about how great this company is. Highly recommend.

    Patti K From Herndon, VA Review Date 22/01/2017
  • testimonials
    Purchase and shipping were good. Image quality was not as sharp as I had hoped.

    Denny S. From Tulsa OK Review Date 19/01/2017
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    I am so excited about our duvet. I could not believe that we ordered it on Tuesday evening in London, England and it arrived in Memphis, Tn, USA on Friday, WOW!! It is adorable. Thank you. I am posting it on Facebook with your website and I will order more. Great gift, Thanks again. Our only problem was that I wish you might post someway that the purchaser needs to alert his bank that he is ordering overseas. We tried it on both my husband visa and my mastercard. Both were rejected and our cards were given a fraud alert so we could not use them until we called and told them we were making the charge. I had to call the bank the next day and tell them to let the charge go through. Evidently overseas charges are blocked automatically (at least on debit cards). Thanks again

    Josephine C From Memphis , Tn USA Review Date 05/01/2017