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I designed a variety of matching masks, gloves and scarves that are fashionable and trending for this forthcoming season. It is not only essential to wear a mask for protection against the coronavirus, but to wear eye glasses to protect the eyes from germs that can cause one to become infected. I also designed glass cases to secure the glasses from germs. The larger shawl is convenient, because it can be worn as a shawl, headcovering or a wrap with swimwear. Therefore, it can be worn throughout various seasons. Scarves are also helpful to protect against the virus when one is in need of a new mask. The masks are washable and made of durable material. The latest and most trending designs of mix-matched patterns, geometric shapes, beautiful red colors, retro designs and beautiful florals were all crafted to create an array of stylish matching garments that can be worn with an array of clothing inclusive of dresses, slacks, skirts and swimwear.  

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