Personalized Photo Wall Clocks

Our customized photo clocks come in a range of shapes with different interface options, allowing you to create wall clocks personalized with designs to complement your decor.

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Personalized Wall Clocks

Transform the humble clock into an impressive feature piece and design your own personalized wall clocks for the home. Available in square, rectangular or round and with various interface options for the dial and hands, you can customize them with your dream designs. They look gorgeous printed with a distressed photo to give that vintage feel, or if your taste in style leans to the more contemporary, create a personalized clock with a vibrant design exploding with color.

As a fun way to help little ones learn how to tell the time, design personalized children's clocks for the bedroom. Printed with their favorite animals, face, cartoon characters or a family photo, you can encourage them to tell the time in different ways, i.e. '15 minutes past' and 'quarter past'.