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Personalized Keepsake Boxes

A gorgeous keepsake gift for your wife, best friend or children. Personalized keepsake boxes to preserve your precious trinkets and keep them locked in time for years to come.

Personalized Memory Box

If you like to keep things for sentimental value, the personalized keepsake box is the ideal place to keep love letters, trinkets and other bits and pieces from the past that you can reminisce over at any time. Make one as a gorgeous anniversary gift for your Mom and Dad, or celebrate a long term friendship and fill it with stuff like festival tickets, holiday photos and other childhood memorabilia.

On the arrival of your newborn niece, nephew or Godchild, start a personalized keepsake box for the baby and gift it to the parents to add into until the child reaches 18. On their 18th birthday, they can open the personalized memory box and look back at their first pair of shoes, hospital notes from the birth and handwritten letters from family.