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Your mom is so much more than just your mother. She is a friend, a nurse when you're ill, your original style icon, a personal chef, your first teacher, and on-going agony aunt. She is #MoreThanAMom, so deserves more than just an ordinary gift. Treat her to personalized gifts this Mother's Day that go above and beyond expectations, just like your mom does for your every day.

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What the bags of love moms will love

Meet the people behind your gifts and find out what they'll be getting their mum for Mother's Day and why.

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  • Claire

    Claire, Content ·Handbag

    My mom has always been obsessed with handbags (could be where I get it from!). I remember always wanting to look like her when I was little. I used to swing one of her bags over my shoulder and pretend to be her. This Mother's Day, I'm treating her to a personalized bag, covered in photos of our family, who are her pride and joy. I know it is the perfect gift that shows how much she means to me.

  • itziar

    Itziar, Marketing ·Bespoke Cushions

    My mom (or "mamá" as I say...) is obsessed with interior design and home decor. Every time I visit, there's a new furnishing, painting or rug, despite seeing new furnishings, paintings and rugs only a few weeks before. The thing is, it's all cream, white and glass. That's why I'll be designing a luxury, personalized cushions for Mother's Day to sprinkle some much-needed color to proceedings.

  • Elliot

    Elliot, Design ·Photo book

    A personalized photo book is the perfect gift for my mom. She loves getting her camera out and snapping pics of our family, friends and pets, and loves to show them off even more! These photo books are great because they can be used as coffee table books and left on display to always be enjoyed. She has so many amazing photos that I might have to make her more than one...

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