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Custom Made T-Shirts

Uncompromised Quality

Here at Bags of Love, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. Our Custom T-Shirts are no exception to this promise, as they are designed by our team of fashion designers and are hand-sewn together to create apparel that acts as your canvas. Our printing process then allows your print to deeply fuse with the fibers of the T-Shirt textile creating an edge to edge, non-waxy finish that is sure to not crack, peel, or flake off. Through these tried and true techniques, we promise the creation and delivery of a stylish, quality product that will have heads turning wherever you go!


Using our easy-to-use online system, you become the master of your ship. Upload your photos, graphics, designs, or text to be printed onto our Custom T-Shirt to create a unique and personalized look. Like cats? Put a few on there! Dog lover? Put a picture of your dog to match when you go out for a walk! The possibilities are limitless. Design your shirt today and give your style that personalized touch you’ve been looking for.

Perfect for Designers

OurCustom T-Shirts are the ideal piece of clothing for designers. Our online customization system paired with high quality material and printing allow for new and established designers alike to experiment and show off their designs. Our printing technique allows us to print your design with vibrant and lasting color, allowing you to show off your talent even more. Whether you have a photo that you think would look awesome in general or a design that’ll appeal to a specific audience, Bags of Love is here to help you take the next step into your fashion career.

Great for Events

You can use these shirts for just about anything! Have a birthday coming up? Design one as a gift! You could even make a bunch of them for a themed party. If a personal hero had just passed, or maybe a loved one, you could put their picture on your shirt as a commemoration to them. If there’s a wedding coming up, get a bundle as bachelor or bachelorette party shirts. You’ll be sure to turn heads and be the talk of the town with your own personalized bachelor/bachelorette T-Shirts. Design one for a parade or festival, they’re also perfect for holidays! No matter what event you have coming up, our shirts are the perfect template for your ideas and designs.


Not all of us are design experts, or maybe you just want to make sure every aspect of your shirt is exactly what you want. No matter the issue, we offer a Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm (Saturdays 10am-12pm) Customer Service that can help you with all of your troubles. Send us a message through email, or chat online with us using our chat box on the bottom right-hand corner of our page to have all of your questions answered. We can send you updates on how your T-Shirt will look, as well as offer advice on what photos will work best on your shirt.