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Custom Bedding & Cushions Range

Design Your Bedding With Photo Or Collage

Our gorgeous designer bedding and cushions are ones to marvel. With a large range of choices, whether it be pillows, duvets, pillow covers, or blankets, you will get a product that exceeds expectations. Once you choose your product, our designing process is as simple and helpful as it gets, truly giving you full freedom in the design process. Add photos, a photo collage, text, or design your very own bedding or pillow creation . Make it elegant, funny, enduring, or just plain adorable. We then hand print, and hand sew all of our orders in our own facility. Having someone do everything by hand, not only ensures the utmost quality, but it also means that someone will be with your product every step of the way. So if there is a problem, or something falls below expectation, then we get on it right away. If we have to re-do the product, we never hesitate. One item lost item weighs so much less than a happy customer. We were one of the first ones to be doing this, at this high of quality and personalization. So we've had a lot of practice, and made the improvements needed. NOW, after doing it since 2003, we've got this down to a science. It is this category of products that we are always so proud of when shipping out.

Made By You For Family And Friends

It's so hard these to create a room exactly how you originally envisioned it, you normally end up settling...though that struggle no longer is relevant with your discovery of Bags of Love. As so many heroines have said - if you want something done correctly, you've just got to do it yourself.